Other produce

Terrick Beef

This is the primary product.  Details of the cattle breeding and rearing can be found in About Us on the menu bar. 

   Details of cuts, weights and packaging methods can be found in the section you are currently in (Farm Shop) from the drop down menu titled Terrick Beef Cuts Explained.

   Terrick Beef is hung for four weeks prior to butchering and is sold fresh from Grove Farm, Terrick on the first Friday and Saturday of each month.  If you require beef before the next sale day it is worth sending an email to enquire about frozen meat as a small stock is kept in the freezer and is available for sale at a 10% discount at any time.


Terrick Beef pies are available in two flavours: steak and ale pies (contain Terrick Beef soaked in Lord Lieutenant's Porter ale from the Chiltern Brewery) and steak and kidney pies.

   The pies are sold frozen.  The meat is cooked and the pastry is uncooked.  Full defrosting and cooking instructions are given on the label.  Pies cannot be cooked in the microwave.  They should be completely defrosted and then cooked in the oven on 200oC/Gas 6 for approximately 45 minutes until the pastry is golden.  Actual cooking time varies according to individual ovens.

   The pies are suitable for two people to share and measure approximately 6"/16 centimetres x 4"/11 centimetres.

   Pies are available at any time.  You can order pies via the order form and collect on the monthly sale days or send an email to arrange to collect pies at any other time.


Terrick Lamb

Terrick Lamb is hung for two weeks prior to butchering and is sold frozen from Grove Farm, Terrick in half or whole carcases.

   Half a carcase will typically contain two leg joints (one hind leg cut into two joints); two shoulder joints (one front leg/shoulder cut into two joints); a full range of chops and one rolled breast.

   Terrick Lamb is sold for £8.10 per kilo.  Half a lamb, depending on the size and weight, will vary between £70 and £80.

   Terrick Lamb is available for sale at any time.  Either mark it on your order form and collect on the monthly sale days or send an email and come to collect it at any other time.

Fresh free range chicken

Geoff sells tasty free range chicken which costs £5.35p per kilo.  An average size bird (shown in the pictures below) would feed generous portions to a family of four and costs about £11.

   The chickens are available fresh for sale on Terrick Beef monthly sale days and can be ordered via the order form.  Unless otherwise stated (for example: 'L' for large or 'S' for small) they will be of average size.  They are also available frozen during the rest of the month.

   The Sasso breed chickens are reared by Geoff's cousin who farms in Hertfordshire.  He chose this breed because the birds are slower growing and work well as free range birds. They have a traditional shape, which is long rather than the rounder broad bird you see in supermarkets.

  During their lifetime the birds roam around the entire farm, they are not enclosed during the day and have complete freedom.  At night they sleep on straw beds in a large shed.

  The birds are slaughtered on the farm, minimising any stress, where they are also plucked and hand finished.

Aylesbury Duck

Delicious Aylesbury Duck, reared by Geoff's cousin on his farm in Hertfordshire.  Available fresh on the monthly shop days, or frozen at other times.  Cost £6.35 per kilo.

Sunflower seed bread

On the monthly shop days delicious sunflower seed loaves are available for sale - once tasted, never forgotten.  The bread is baked in Chesham, Buckinghamshire and contains sunflower seeds, brown flour, yeast, salt, vegetable fat and improver.

The flour used in the bread is bought from Heygates Mill in Tring.  This is where Geoff sends his wheat after autumn harvest - however, we cannot promise that the flour used in the bread is from our farm!  




Anton Hazelle Luxury Artisan handmade chocolate

Exclusive delicious chocolate bars handmade in the Princes Risborough chocolaterie of Anton Hazelle, which is located just four miles from the Terrick Beef farm shop. Varieties include white, milk, caramel milk, coffee mocha milk, milk chocolate orange, milk peppermint crunch, sugar free milk, dark, lemon crunch, rum and raisin and dark orange chilli spice.  

Specialist jams and chutneys

Cherry Tree jams and chutneys of various unique flavours are made in Dorset - not exactly local to Buckinghamshire, but simply too delicious to resist.  And Geoff does actually have family links with Dorset as his father was born and brought up there and his sister-in-law lives there now, in the very village where these lovely preserves are made.






Mary Berry's Original Family Recipe sauces

Mary Berry, who lives in south Buckinghamshire, is one of England's most respected and well known cookery writers, a tv cook and Aga expert.  Four of her sauces are availabe for sale in the farm shop.

   All Seasons Sauce, hot and spicy, ideal with Terrick Beef roasting joints, steaks and burgers.  Also great wth Jonathan's free-range chicken.  Use as a marinade, sauce, dip or to baste meat.

   Lemon & Thyme Sauce, aromatic sauce with lemon, garlic and thyme.  Perfect with Terrick Beef steaks, stir fry strips and cubed kebabs; Terrick Lamb chops and Jonathan's free-range chicken. Use as a marinade, sauce, dip or to baste meat.

   Bearnaise Sauce, a classic rich sauce with herbs.  Use straight from the jar with grilled or pan fried Terrick Beef steaks, Terrick Lamb chops and Jonathan's barbecued free-range chicken.

   Creamed English Horseradish Sauce, the perfect accompaniment to a roasted joint of Terrick Beef.




Boxes of half a dozen eggs are sold at the monthly farm shop open days.  They are provided by Geoff's cousin who keeps free range laying hens.





Apple juice

Sheep farmer Richard Belgrove produces pure apple juice from his farm in Longwick where he has an orchard of apple trees.  Mr Belgrove also operates a mobile sheep shearing unit and shears most of the sheep in this area including Geoff's.  Bottles of apple juice are available from Grove Farm on Terrick Beef sale days.  They cannot be ordered on the order form.


Well seasoned bags of logs are available from the shop on sale days.  Bags of kindling wood sell for £15; bags of logs ready for the fire sell for £15.

   Geoff occasionally sells trailer loads of logs but availability is dependent on his current workload on the farm.  Logs provided by Geoff are very well seasoned (which can take several years) and this is another reason for their scarcity.  Enquire via email or in the shop. 


Geoff supplies trailer loads of manure to numerous allotment holders and gardeners.  Charge from £45 per load including delivery within five mile radius of farm; further distances will incur additional charge.  Enquire via email, or ask Geoff on sale days, for further information.

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