Recipes from the Kitchen


Geoff’s wife creates tasty recipes with Terrick Beef.

She says:  “This recipe takes a lot of preparation but the effort is worth it, especially if you double the quantities to make enough for eight servings as I have done here.  In this way you can freeze half of it and have a day off cooking.

 “You need to think about this recipe the day before you intend to make it, as the meat has to be marinated overnight.”


Braised Terrick Beef with herb dumplings


Serves 8


Terrick Beef stewing steak (four 1lb bags/approx 2 kilos)

Bodgers Barley Wine (two 500ml bottles from The Chiltern Brewery)

1½pints/800ml beef stock (two oxo cubes mixed with water)

Two packets of bacon, streaky or back (approx 1lb or 400g)

Button mushrooms (12oz/350g)

16 shallotts (if you can’t find shallots use eight smallish onions instead)

6 tablespoons plain flour

2oz/50g English butter

4 tablespoons oil

2 bouquet garni

coarse ground black pepper


For the herb dumplings:

8oz/230g self-raising flour

2oz/100g shredded suet

1 teaspoon mustard powder

2 tablespoons chopped parsley

2 tablespoons thyme



Preparation time:     three quarters of an hour prior to putting casserole into oven

                              plus extra time to cook vegetables and make dumplings

Total cooking time:  two and a half hours