In February 2013 Terrick Beef was awarded the 2012 Countryside Alliance Local Food Award for the South East region.

Regional director Michelle Nudds said: "We had a huge number of nominations for Terrick Beef - their fan base is broad and very very passionate so we are delighted to honour the Brunt family in this category.

"With on going controversy over our food chain we cannot recommend this local outfit more highly. Food yards, not miles, and exceptional animal husbandry are the hallmarks of the business. Terrick Beef is bred, reared and finished in Terrick by Geoff.

"The geneology and genetics of his cattle have taken many decades to perfect, meaning a premium taste. This business is everything that is right about food production in this country and we hope the public takes note. We owe it to our farmers and producers to sing their praises to the rooftops."

We are fortunate that customers regularly send kind comments to us about Terrick Beef.  With permission, we have reproduced some of them below.

Ms Greta Clarke
April 2013
"Pie nights are a regular event at my London flat, the main reason people flock from all over is to taste these famous pies, or 'Geoffrey pies' as we call them.  Everyone always says without a doubt  they are the best pies they've had and often ask if I can start dealing them in London!  Looking forward to our next pie event!"

Mrs K White
October 2009

"This is the best beef we have ever had!"

Mrs D Walton
Little Chalfont
July 2009
"I visited your shop for the first time earlier this month.  I bought some braising steak (which was divine) a chicken (which was excellent) and a rib of beef which I roasted yesterday - I just wanted to say that our taste-buds are still somersaulting with joy!  It was quite definitely the most perfect rib of beef I have ever had the good fortune to cook!  I shall make sure I get my order in nice and early for next month!"

Mr A Bellamy-Brown
Serving member of The Royal Air Force
RAF Halton
August 2008
"The fillet steak last month was unbelievable.  I've eaten excellent beef all around the world but this is just in a different league, far better than I have ever tasted before.  It literally melted in my mouth."

Mr C Wiltshire
July 2008
"The first joint of beef I bought from you in June was the best beef I ever tasted.  Once again the second joint of beef I bought this month (July) was equally as good which proves consistency.  I would have no qualms in recommending your products to anyone."

Mr A Bentham
June 2008
"My wife and I called into your shop a couple of weeks ago last Saturday, just before you closed, and bought some mince and braising steak.  We have eaten some of both since and it was wonderful!  We are so pleased to have found you."

Mr David Lidington
Conservative Member of Parliament for Aylesbury
Shadow Minister for Foreign Affairs
February 2008
"Last month's rib joint was fantastically good and impressed our guests."

Mrs M Vickery
Great Missenden
February 2008
"Had meat from you for the first time this month.  It was fantastic!  Thank you.  It was truly the best beef we have ever had, even my husband commented and that's saying something as he's not really that fussed by food!"

Mr D Macleod
October 2007
"As a devoted Aberdeen Angus beef man I first heard about Terrick Beef in an article in the Bucks Herald.
   "I placed an order in September for a 2 kilo topside joint to try the quality of the farm produce.  I am delighted to report that the roasted beef was really tender with a very good flavour.
   "If you place a order for Terrick Beef you will not be disappointed!"
 A very happy Scot

Mrs C Campo
February 2007
"We have just had our evening meal, made with the braising steak I bought from you with my first order.  My husband was so impressed he actually stopped eating to ask me where I had bought it!"

Mrs G Walker
January 2007
"It is the best beef we have ever tasted and it really made our Christmas."

Mrs M Davis
Butlers Cross
January 2007
"Your brisket is the best, without doubt, that we have ever had."

Mr E Rose
Weston Turville
January 2007
Your beef burgers are the best in England!  I actually hate beef burgers normally and won't eat them, but I love yours.